Waste Management

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Some of India’s best consultants in Wastewater Treatments and leading manufactures/suppliers of wastewater treatment equipment and machinery, from across the globe support us to provide definitive solutions to your wastewater problems.

Restaurant Grease Traps

restaurant grease taps

Restaurant Grease Traps are required in food premises to stop oils, fats and organic matter from entering the drainage system, where they cause problems. As fat and grease collects in the trap, the system can get blocked, causing: Rancid Odours / Drain Blockages / Hygiene Problems / Inconvenience.

Up to now – the only way to solve this problem was to use a commercial drain cleaning company to pump out the contents of the grease trap, and dispose to landfill sites. This is disruptive, and can cost thousands of rupees each time.

The Solution

BK Griz is a liquid product that contains natural microorganisms, selected specifically to attack grease and fat deposits.
These organisms release active enzymes to degrade and digest the fats and oils in grease traps – Before they get a chance to cause problems.


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STPs and ETPs


Along with the expertise acquired by our consultants in setting up 100s of STPs and ETPs, we have set right quiet a few STPs in Goa, and are in a process of setting up even more.

Our Core Objectives are

sewage treatment plants goa

SP Bio Gold

sp bio gold

100% Organic Manure is prepared with over 120 days of composting process including sterilisation. The formulation is so good that it not only gives added nutritions (including minerals) for growth, it also changes overall humus structure and porosity of the soil over a period of time.

Benefits & Advantages

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sewage treatment plants goa

Oil Skimmers

sewage treatment plants goa

Organic Manure

sewage treatment plants goa


sewage treatment plants goa