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Solution Providers is a diversified sales and service provider, servicing customers across Goa in its core business — Water Management, Waste Management and Pest Management. With customer-oriented customized solutions, Solution Providers caters to Individuals, Offices, Industries and Professionals.

Solution Providers was established in 2002 to satisfy the need of treating and managing water in homes — a highly disorganized and under-serviced segment.

Today with innovative technologies and state-of-the-art products, Solution Providers have grown into an accomplished player in the field of water, waste water and pest management.

With Solution Providers at your service, you can be assured of being equipped with the best and latest technologies to treat and manage your problems in a safe, environment friendly manner and of being supported by the best services in the industry.

Water is life, something without which life ceases to exist. Water is crucial to our existence and way of life. The main component of our body is water (about 74.8%). It is a crucial necessity which cannot be replaced.

Pure Water by nature is a Universal Solvent. As it makes its way to the earth, it tends to absorb pollutants, whether in the air or in the soil. Pollutants could include

Even natural inorganic minerals cause problems. No wonder over 70% of diseases are water-borne, not to mention the damage done to ones plumbing and other fixtures.

Impurities in water